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Our Standards


Construction PROCESS

LaRey Homes is a full-service design and build company offering:

·        In-home consultation

·        Architectural services and pre-construction coordination in affiliation with Jansen Consulting (design, management and consulting)

·        Workmanship and materials warranty

·        Experienced tradespeople and quality workmanship with all of the new marketplace options

·        Liability Insurance

We provide an extensive and detailed contract that outlines all our activities, duties and responsibilities. Construction commences once it is accepted and signed by both parties.

We lead you from the design concept through to building completion and we inform you each step of the way. Daily communication with you is very important to us to ensure smooth execution of the project. We build a relationship that can last a lifetime.

Having an in-house designer allows us to ensure proper space flow and address every aspect of your custom home. We plan, manage and coordinate all services, tradespeople and inspections. To ensure quality, we work with tradespeople and subcontractors who are tried-and-true. It is very important to us to know the source.

Code of ETHICS

We abide by a rigorous code of ethics and pledge to:

·        Comply with, and surpass, applicable building code

·        Work toward improvement of structural efficiency, safety and health

·        Conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment

·        Deal justly with employees, subcontractors and suppliers of all goods and services

·        Conduct business honestly and fairly with customers and uphold the quality of our work and service commitments

·        Exchange information and experience and encourage research on materials, technical advancements and building techniques in order to provide the best value for customers

·        Commit to continuing education

·        Actively promote health and safety principles

·        Treat everybody, including their property and ideas with respect